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  [532nd Edition] November 11, 2022 MOFA NEWS  
6th Korea-UN OCHA Policy Consultation Takes Place
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held the 6th policy consultation between the Republic of Korea and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) on November 10 in Seoul, Korea. The ROK and OCHA head delegates to the consultation were Director-General for Development Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Won Do-yeon and Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator Joyce Msuya, respectively. During the policy consultation, the two sides discussed possible areas of cooperation to respond more effectively to the complex humanitarian crisis compounded by factors such as climate change and armed conflict. The ROK side explained its growing commitment to humanitarian assistance as a global pivotal state and its willingness to strengthen cooperation with the humanitarian community, including OCHA, to ensure the proper implementation of the ROK’s contributions. The OCHA side stressed the importance of effective assistance at a time when the funding gap for humanitarian assistance is growing, and thanked the ROK for its continued support for OCHA. The two sides exchanged views on current and projected humanitarian situations in crisis areas such as Ukraine, Afghanistan and Myanmar, and what is being done to help. The OCHA side expressed gratitude to the ROK for its contributions and explained that donor states such as the ROK played a very important role in meeting global humanitarian needs. It went on to convey special appreciation for the ROK’s contribution to OCHA’s Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund, which came at a time when additional resources were urgently needed for the evacuation of Ukrainians from Mariupol. Being the first in-person meeting of its kind held in three years, the 6th ROK-OCHA policy consultation served as an opportunity to assess the global humanitarian response as well as to strengthen the partnership between the two sides.
Strengthening Cooperation with UNICEF in Responding to Climate Change for Children
Strengthening Cooperation with UNICEF in Responding to Climate Change for Children
Minister of Foreign Affairs Park Jin had lunch with Executive Director of UNICEF Catherine Russell on November 7 and discussed ROK-UNICEF cooperation. Foreign Minister Park appreciated the strong partnership between the ROK and UNICEF in promoting children’s health and welfare worldwide and commended UNICEF for its key role in distributing COVID-19 vaccines during the pandemic. Executive Director Russell conveyed her gratitude for the ROK government’s contribution to COVID-19 recovery and building a better world for children and shared her views on the UNICEF Strategic Plan 2022-2025. The foreign minister and executive director agreed that the climate crisis is a children’s crisis, as it is the future generation that will bear the brunt of the crisis, and decided to seek ways to increase cooperation in minimizing the effects of climate change for children under a specific set of goals. In addition, Executive Director Russell extended her heartfelt condolences to the ROK people for having lost so many lives in the tragedy on October 29. Foreign Minister Park conveyed his gratitude for her sympathy.
MOFA Spokesperson’s Commentary on Ethiopia’s Agreement for Permanent Cessation of Hostilities
MOFA Spokesperson’s Commentary on Ethiopia’s Agreement for Permanent Cessation of Hostilities
The government of the Republic of Korea welcomes the agreement for lasting peace and permanent cessation of hostilities reached through dialogue between the government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), and looks forward to the swift implementation of this agreement to establish peace in Ethiopia. The ROK government recognizes the efforts of the African Union (AU) and the government of the Republic of South Africa for the signing of the agreement. The ROK government will also continue its diplomatic efforts for peace and stability in Ethiopia with the international community.
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